• Maximize Potential

    Vista Adult Services aims to maximize the potential of adults with autism so they may participate in living fulfilling and productive lives to the greatest extent possible.

    How we do this
  • Maximize Potential

    Vista Adult Services aims to maximize the potential of adults with autism so they may participate in living fulfilling and productive lives to the greatest extent possible.

    How we do this

Vista Adult Services relies on tax-deductible contributions from supporters like you to improve the lives of teens and adults enrolled in our programs and help them to reach their full potential.

A positive experience, an innovative approach.

Research-based Methodogies

Vista’s services conform to the seven defining characteristics of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). All Vista program services are (1) applied, targeting problems that are important to the individual, directly impact his/her level of functioning, or are socially significant. (2) Behaviors selected for instruction are described in observable and measurable terms. Instructor behavior is a critical component to behavior change plans. Interventions are (3) analytic, seeking to define and use functional relations to modify behavior and teach skills. Procedures are (4) technological, precisely defined, and replicable. Techniques are (5) conceptually systematic, founded on the basic principles of behavior and learning, and (6) effective – they must produce clinical/socially significant changes. Finally, behavior change must be (7) general, lasting over time and appearing in other environments. Services are supported by the Competent Learner Model, which enhances our ability to meet individual needs across environments. Customized Employment guides the process to establish competitive employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum.

A True Partnership Between Professionals

Vista Adult Services collaborates closely with all team members to provide effective and person-centered supports for individuals with an autism living in Central Pennsylvania.

Person-Centered Services

Vista Adult Services operates with the following values:
1. Presumption of Ability – A conviction that everyone, regardless of the severity of autism, has the capability to live a fulfilling and productive life.
2. Competitive Employment – A conviction that employment occurs within the local labor market in regular community businesses.
3. Control – A conviction that when people with autism choose and regulate their own supports to the best of their ability, satisfaction will result.
4. Commensurate Wages and Benefits – A conviction that people with autism should earn wages and benefits equal to that of coworkers performing the same or similar jobs.
5. Focus on Capacity and Capabilities – A conviction that people with autism should be viewed in terms of their abilities, strengths, and interests, rather than their disabilities.
6. Importance of Relationships – A conviction that community relationships lead to mutual respect and acceptance.
7. Power of Supports – A conviction that people with autism need to be included in determining their personal goals and receive assistance in assembling the supports necessary to achieve their ambitions.
8. Importance of Community – A conviction that people need to be connected to the formal and informal networks of a community for acceptance, growth, and development.

How to Get Started With Vista

Click the “Getting Started” link and submit a referral for the program(s) of interest. A Vista representative will then contact you once the referral has been received and reviewed.

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