Mission Statement
Maximize the potential of adults living with Autism so that he or she, to the greatest extent possible, participates in living a fulfilling and productive life.

Vista Adult Services grew out of the success of The Vista School® which was established by a group of highly committed parents and professionals, who sought to create an alternative educational and therapeutic program in Central Pennsylvania designed to prepare children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to function in the community with increasing independence. In similar nature, Vista Adult Services was established to extend Vista’s offers past the school ages for individuals requiring a specialized support and services.

Across the course of a years time, Vista’s leadership, parents, and professionals met to review the community need and opportunities for Vista to develop unique services that match the ongoing needs of The Vista School’s aging student population. In response, a Vista Adult Services board of directors was formed in November 2013 and is responsible for overseeing the Vista Adult Services Organization’s (VASO) programs and services.

VASO remains committed to continue the mission established by the school, developing state of the art programs that will maximize the potential of each individual.  Vista’s programs are driven by empirically-validated methods, are delivered by skilled professionals, and provide opportunities for individuals with autism to become competent individuals living fulfilling and independent lives to the maximum extent possible.