Vista Adult Services recognizes that ALL people are employable. Our employment team uses Applied Behavior Analysis, a data-driven approach to treatment of autism symptoms, and customized employment to support adults with autism and help them to secure paid positions.

The process begins with a team of employment specialists who get to know the adults in Vista’s program. Employment specialists observe individuals in their preferred settings and interview the people closest to them. Community-based assessments are scheduled in a variety of settings that include prospective business partners.

By closely examining specific themes of interest to the individual and mapping out potential job opportunities, the employment specialist is prepared to search for a business partner that may be a good match. The Vista team negotiates employment between the individual and the business partner, and supports the individual in his or her position after the job is secured.

Vista’s employment team also serves the needs of business partners. An employment specialist will tour the worksite and conduct a needs assessment that identifies opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce waste, conserve resources, and improve workplace morale.

Vista’s employment services for adults include:
• Identifying transportation sources to allow the individual to safely and consistently get to work.
• Facilitating social interactions with the individual’s supervisor(s) and coworkers.
• Teaching job-specific skills to increase independence and productivity.
• Developing modifications to the environment that increase the individual’s success and add value to the employer.
• Gradually reducing Vista’s support while securing natural support within the business.
• Following up with both the individual and the employer to ensure ongoing, mutual success.

Admission Criteria Process (PDF)
Referral Screening Tool (PDF)

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