Sooner or later, most of us experience the excitement and trepidation of leaving home for college or to live on our own. We expect this to happen. As adults, we regard living independently as a natural part of growing up.

Individuals with autism watch their siblings and other family members go through this rite of passage. Why wouldn’t we expect them to want and to have this same experience as adults?

Working together with family members, friends, and staff, Vista Adult Services makes it possible for adults with autism to experience independent living in a meaningful and relaxed setting that honors and respects individual differences. We go above and beyond meeting regulations to provide high-quality services that enhance lives.

In the selection process for each home, we seek to find the most complementary matches among housemates and among housemates and staff, and to provide shared living arrangements in the least restrictive environment our adults comfortably can accept.

All of our homes are well maintained and designed to deliver the array of autism support services our adults require. Because community integration is the hallmark of Vista’s entire adult program, we ensure the individuals in our homes live close to where they work, volunteer, engage in social activities, and use community resources.

Our staff plans and monitors daily activities tailored to our individuals’ unique needs and preferences, and interacts with them in a way that encourages and supports their participation. We want the individuals in our homes to maintain their unique personalities, join in those activities they like to do, and feel free to express themselves as individuals. They do not need to conform to a model simply because they live with peers and have staff in their home.

Vista’s mission for residential services is “Active participation in meaningful and purposeful activities and relationships.” Vista offers a place to go for individuals with severe autism who have nowhere to go. With Vista’s help, adults with severe autism can live with dignity in homes of their own.